Buckner Life Design Maternity Counseling

The news that you’re having a baby changes your life. Pregnancy sparks dreams about your future and opens up a world of possibilities. But what if this news comes unexpectedly? If your pregnancy is unplanned or your circumstances change, hopes and dreams can turn into anxiety quickly. An uncertain future can cause you to question your ability to be a good mother and raise your child well. At Buckner, our licensed counselors are here to help you sort through the anxiety and uncertainty.

Buckner: A partner

If this is a difficult time for you and you need help, our experienced licensed therapists are available at no cost to help you sort through your feelings and create a parenting or an open adoption plan. Using evidence-based, ethical practices, we help women from diverse backgrounds with a variety of concerns.

We offer:
• Personalized counseling. A variety of emotions and decisions come at you quickly during pregnancy. Our licensed counselors help you sort through those feelings and make a plan of action.
• Family and support system counseling. Raising a child requires a support group of people who care. Together, we can help you, your support system and your family work through the many questions and decisions you face.
• Post-pregnancy support. Difficult decisions don’t end when a baby is born. Often, that’s when life can become more challenging. We’re here to listen and help you with those tough moments well after birth.
• Encouragement. As a faith-based organization, we provide spiritual and prayerful encouragement, according to your needs.

A trusted guide

Life planning is central to all we do. We can help you explore options, identify specific goals for your life and make informed decisions about your future and the future of your child. Together, we can create a practical plan that empowers you to accomplish your dreams by discussing:
• Educational goals
• Parenting and providing for a child
• Parenting vs. adoption
• Employment goals
• Creating a nurturing environment for your baby

A reliable resource

We want to help you address physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs. Buckner’s family of ministries offers support to strengthen families through job skills training and parenting support. Buckner also is connected to an extensive network of civic and church-based resources across the state of Texas, each of which is ready to provide you with practical assistance and support.

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