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More than 7,000 of those children are waiting to be adopted. If these kids are never adopted, children between ages 18 and 21 will age out of the foster care system with no one to support or care for them, leaving them vulnerable to homelessness, human trafficking, abuse and more.

Learn More About Adoption

Take the first step in your adoption journey this National Adoption Month by attending one of Buckner's virtual information meetings. During the information meeting, a Buckner foster care and adoption representative will walk you through the steps to become licensed and answer questions you have about our programs and/or the process. Buckner offers three different adoption options: Waiting Texas Children, Domestic Infant and Child Adoption, and Foster-to-Adopt.

Waiting Texas Children

Providing permanent homes for children living in foster care whose parents’ rights have been terminated. Youth who are awaiting adoption range in age but 60% are 6 years old or older.  The longer kids wait for adoption, the more difficult it is to find a forever family to adopt them. Children never outgrow the need for parents. Every child deserves to belong to a loving family. 

Domestic Infant and Child Adoption

Buckner helps find permanent homes for infants or children whose birth parents have made an open adoption plan and want to maintain a relationship with the adoptive family. If adoption is believed to be the best option, the birth parents then choose the adoptive family. With Buckner’s assistance, the birth parents and adoptive family determine the openness of their relationship in the life of their child. Buckner supports both the birth parents and the adoptive family through education, counseling and support groups.


Providing permanent homes for children who, after residing in your foster home, become available for adoption. Like foster care, the primary goal of this program is the child’s reunification with their biological family. Adoption only becomes an option if the parents’ rights are terminated while the child is in your care. 

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