Give Shoes to a Child in Need 

Help bless a child with new shoes

It's easy to overlook shoes. In America, many people are blessed to have shoes and may not give much thought to what shoes mean or what it would be like to not have shoes. However, in other parts of the world, not all children have access to shoes. As children grow, so do their ongoing needs for new shoes. 

To a child living in an area that has rocky or muddy ground to walk on everyday, shoes make a huge difference to their bare feet. To a child whose parents are struggling to rise above poverty, shoes are likely not at the top of list of things to buy. To a child struggling to learn in school because they are worried about not having shoes that fit, shoes can be a distraction and instead of an aid to their success. 

This Christmas, if you're looking for an opportunity to bless a child in need, would you consider donating shoes to help a child? 

Give shoes