Buckner is here to help expecting fathers and dads with children up to 17 years old

Children with involved fathers have a greater chance for success later in life.

Dads, you are the first male influencer in your child's life. Your baby will learn from you throughout his childhood. Parenting can be hard, especially when you are becoming a first-time father. Parenting can also become difficult if you are facing other life challenges that are negatively impacting your family.

Buckner International offers the Fatherhood EFFECT program for FREE in Beaumont (Jefferson and Orange counties) to expecting dads and dads with children up to 17 years old. Learn how to be the best father you can be to give your child the support and love they need as they grow. This service is available for all kinds of fathers:  biological, adoptive, foster, kinship, guardian, stepdad, and grandfather.

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