National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse ends with strong families. 

Did you know the majority of children placed in foster care in Texas are there due to abuse or neglect? While this number is gut-wrenching, prevention is possible. 

Buckner International provides services for vulnerable families and children to help prevent child abuse. Whether through our parenting classes, family coaching, counseling services or foster care, our goal remains the same — to provide a safe and loving home for children.

Protect Children

Strengthen Families

  • Buckner Family Hope Centers seek to keep families together by providing families with critical services, aid and coaching to keep them strong, it decreases the likelihood of abuse, neglect and removal of children.
  • Family and Youth Success (FAYS) is a family-focused program that helps decrease conflict, develop a workable plan to overcome issues, and more. We have two locations for our FAYS program: FAYS in Beaumont and FAYS in Rio Grande Valley.
  • HOPES supports parents of children 0 to 5 and promotes healthy families through encouragement and education.
  • Fatherhood Effect supports expecting dads and dads with children up to 17 years old as they learn how to be supportive, nurturing fathers.

Transform Generations

  • Buckner Family Pathways is designed to help single parents in crisis and are pursuing their degree. The program helps parents care for their children and determine next steps for their family's future. 

Signs of possible child abuse:

  • Changes in behavior 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • An apparent lack of supervision
  • Frequent absences from school 
  • Reluctance to leave school activities
  • Attempts at running away

How to report abuse or neglect:

Learn how you can shine hope into a vulnerable child's life through foster care or adoption.

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