Adoption is an experience that impacts a person for a lifetime. 

Individuals adopted as children grow up and become adult adopted persons.

When you Google "adoption," most often content will show search results about children who need families. While there may be an ongoing need for families to adopt vulnerable children who don't have a biological family member to care for them, the fact remains that children previously adopted will grow up and become adults. 

Becoming an adult doesn't erase a past experience of adoption or resolve unanswered questions the adopted child may have. While adoption can provide a home and loving family for a child, it may also mean the loss of one's culture, access to genetic and other blood-relative health information, and other personal questions unique to the individual. 

Buckner offers postadoption services for adult adopted persons who may need help with:

  • Birth family information 
  • Counseling and resources
  • International adoption documents
  • And more.

With empathetic and compassionate staff who focus on the sensitivity associated with each individual's adoption story, our goal is to help meet each person wherever they are at in life today. 

If you'd like more information on postadoption services for children or adult adopted persons, fill out the form below. Note: Adult adoptions must be handled via a private attorney.