Experience the wonder of Advent

We all have special traditions, gifts or activities that we remember from Christmastime and Advent as a child. Many children start looking forward to the holiday months in advance with anticipation and excitement. What if we had that same wonder and anticipation as adults for Christmas and Jesus' birth this year?

This year, Buckner International is offering you a special way to embrace the anticipation and wonder of Jesus together as a family.

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't experience the joy and awe of Christmas again.

That’s why we’ve put together the FREE digital 2023 Buckner Advent Guide.

Every day of Advent will celebrate themes of hope, peace, love and joy through a short devotion. Each week, enjoy an activity together as a family that helps you celebrate this beautiful season.

Through each activity, it will give you an opportunity to discuss the true meaning of Christmas and engage in quality time with your family while making cherished memories together. Just like those special memories you had as a child!

Use the short, secure form below to tell us where to send your free Advent Guide. It's our gift to you and your family.

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