Celebrate Advent!

We live in unstable times and this year especially has been hard for many people. But Christmas gives us the opportunity to take a breath and remember the promises and blessings we have as followers of Christ.

  • The promise of hope.
  • The promise of peace.
  • The promise of love.
  • The promise of joy.

This year, Buckner International is offering you a special way to remember the promises of God.

Through the FREE digital 2020 Buckner Advent Guide, you can reflect on the promises of God through daily devotions on the Advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love.

Perhaps more than ever, we all need to remember the promises God gives us as we continue to navigate through uncertain times. Because no matter how troubled the world around us is, God is in control, and his promises of hope, peace, love and joy are for everyone.

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Download the FREE digital 2020 Buckner Advent Guide and receive weekly emails throughout the Advent season to give you and your family the opportunity to have meaningful conversations, build relationships and meditate on all of God’s promises this Advent season.


New this year

Reflect on the promises of Advent in a new way with a special digital version containing videos from some of the devotional writers. In the videos, the writers share additional content related to their devotion and share what the promises of God mean to them. You don't want to miss it.

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